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Improve your quality of life by living pain-free, naturally. People of all ages struggle with pain and discomfort – and that’s a problem. Releaf Cosmetics was founded on the belief that every problem has a solution. If you live uncomfortably due to pain, we’ve got the solution that’s right for you. By taking a caring and informed approach to healing we embrace a healthy and responsible cannabis lifestyle. All our products are hemp-based, contain high quality Cannabidiol (CBD) and are cultivated and extracted right here in the USA. With over 50 years of botanical skin care manufacturing experience we formulate some of the highest quality, all natural CBD cosmetics and topicals in the medical cannabis, spa, senior living, and wellness industries. We are glad you are taking the time to get to know us. Lets us help you take the first step toward reclaiming your life – so you can live it on your terms. Pain-free. Naturally.

Natural Pain Relief

Cannabidiol has evolved through topical pain creams and ointments. Our topical Cannabidiol (CBD) pain relieving creams shed a new light on the many legal cannabis

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and hemp alternatives available today. Natures remedies have proven effective time and time again. By encouraging the use of natural pain relief versus dangerous prescriptions, people now have the choice to live pain free. Naturally.

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Topical Cannabidiol Treatment

Our CBD topicals are specially formulated to assist in the treatment and relief of muscle pains, body aches, and discomfort from sunburnt, dry, chapped, and irritated

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skin with no psychoactive side effects. Recommended to use twice daily, 7 days a week.

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Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabidiol

The pure Cannabidiol CO2 Extract infused with our cosmetics is pharmaceutical grade, herbicide and pesticide free, cultivated and extracted in the USA. Our products

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go through a multifaceted extensive laboratory testing procedure to insure high quality, consistency, and maximum effectiveness with every use.

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Releaf Cosmetics Products

7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ is a soothing topical pain relief cream that helps soothe discomfort from a variety of physical ailments as well as various skin irritations and conditions. With soothing CO2 Extracted Cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant along with Arnica Extract and Geranium Oil, this lightweight non-greasy formula (which also includes hydrating Aloe Extract, CO2 Salvia Extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate) restores moisture to dry, chapped skin and leaves your skin smelling, feeling and looking great. Increase the quality of your life. Pain-free, naturally.

Benefits of Releaf Cosmetics

natural topical pain relief cream

Our topicals are specially formulated with all natural botanical ingredients. We do not use chemicals and we never test our products on animals. We believe the best way to care for

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yourself is by using products that come from the earth. We proudly display our ingredients on the label and that is why we are the number one trusted source in the CBD topical industry.

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We use super-critical CO2 extraction methods; this ensures our botanical extracts are clean of alcohol, chemicals, solvents, and pesticides. Cheaper, faster, and higher yielding methods

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do exist, but we choose to use methods that provide clean, safe, all natural extracts that will keep your skin looking young and feeling healthy with every use.

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It’s your skin, and you should always feel great in it. Once you apply our product to your skin, you will immediately know why we are so confident you will never need another

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CBD topical. Apply our product to the affected area to see for yourself. Your skin will thank you and you will understand why Releaf Cosmetics is the most trusted brand in the cannabis topical industry. What separates us from the rest? Over 50 years of botanical skin care manufacturing knowledge and expertise.

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Our Story

7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™, a Releaf Cosmetics, Inc. brand was born when our founder was in search of a solution to treat his wife’s pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis and beginning stages of rheumatism. The driving force behind creating this product was intended to soothe the discomfort from his wife’s pain associated with osteoarthritis.

The pain was so severe the doctors only wanted to prescribe heavy pain medications with strong side effects. In addition to these prescription medications; we are all aware of the many risks associated with taking these prescription drugs. Not to mention the short and long term side effects; and who wants those? After being told by many doctor’s time and time again that her only options were surgery, medication, followed by more surgery and more medication they thought all hope was lost; until 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ changed everything.

Because of the need to function in daily life, which meant taking care of their daughter, driving to and from school and work; as well as being able to work and care for the family, the need for an alternative healing product was born. After all, who wants to be driving their child around under the influence of heavy pain medications or ingesting marijuana which could also impair your ability to operate a vehicle as well as appear in drug tests?

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Featured Articles
"Last year I tripped and broke my back, freak accident. My daughter gave me a bottle of the 7 Leaves and I was amazed at the relief it provided. I used it daily and my doctors commented on how great I was recovering, specifically in regards to the lack of swelling. My back will never be the same, but I am happy to say that I reach for this lotion more than I do pain pills now!"
"I can't recommend this moisturizer enough! It's a smooth, high end moisturizer, and one of the best I have ever found. I use it on my hands and face as a daily moisturizer, and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft, without leaving any greasy residue. It doesn't break out my sensitive skin so I know the ingredients are super clean. I also gave it to my grandmother as a gift, and it does wonders for her arthritis.The CBD component is an added bonus due to its health benefits, and it doesn't have any negative effects. There is no ...
"I’m very impressed with this lotion. My skin can get so dry that my knuckles will bleed. Since using this cream my skin doesn’t get dry. It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent or stay greasy on your skin. What’s crazy is that you don’t need a lot of lotion and you don’t need to be constantly apply it. I bought a bottle for my mom and she was impressed. A friend got a spider bite and he felt instant relief when he used this lotion. Glad I found a product that actually delivers on what they promise"
"I want to start off by saying I have bought dozens of cannabis topicals and 7Leaves is a product that really works. Thanks to products like this I have been opioid free for 7 years now. Rather than reaching for a pain pill I now reach for my remedy cream and apply it directly to my problem areas. I have arthritis with elevated rheumatoid levels and it runs in the family so now we all use it. 7 Leaves may not take all the pain away but it makes daily functioning bearable, I especially recommend it to anyone ...
"This product is AMAZING!  Whether it's chronic pain (arthritis, carpal tunnel or back pain) or any injury, this cream helps heal and relieve the pain.... literally so someone can function and resume their daily activities.  I have recommended and shared this with other people who have been so impressed by the results, have purchased it for themselves and family members.I have had major arthritis pain in my knee wake me up in the middle of the night.  I rubbed in the 7 Leaves.... within 10 minutes the pain is bearable enough to try and fall back ...
"I was given a sample of the 7 Leaves Cream and I found it to be much more effective than any of the OTC or homeopathic creams I have used. It relaxed the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders almost immediately. I like that it has a pleasant scent and no lingering odor or toxic effect to my hands after applying. I would recommend this to anyone."
"Hi Ben,Thanks for the cream. Here is what it s doing for me.  I started laying a few tons of stone for a patio and knew I was going to be feeling it afterwards. So, I on the completion of the first day of work I used Releaf on my Knees, Elbows and lower back. Also thought I would give it a try on the heels of my feet and see if it would make any difference with Plantar Faciitis. I did this twice on the first day. Once after I got out of the shower ...
"I just want to thank my niece Tammy for meeting with you on your product it's unbelievable .It really works 7 Leaves remedy cream is the new cure for me anyway.Im really  dealing with arthritis pain and some other things going on in my knee. . I've been waiting to get my referral for the orthopedic surgeon doctor I'm so tierd of popping 800 milagram IUB. My stomach from the IUb is killing my stomach. So I haven't been taken as many. Thank God.. If not for your cream I be still in excruciating pain. Thank you so ...
Ana of Del Mar, CA
Ana of Del Mar, CA

"I have painful sores on my hands and face. The only cream which has helped significantly has been 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream. It has provided me with fast and direct relief on contact. I didn’t realize the pain and discomfort I was in on a regular basis was really affecting my life in a negative way until I used 7 LEAVES. It’s so much easier to see the beautiful things in life when you’re not living in pain. I want to thank Releaf Cosmetics for making me feel good again!”

Colin R. of Irvine, CA
Colin R. of Irvine, CA

"7 LEAVES has given me back my mobility from a sports injury that limited me in the past. Staying active, eating healthy, and taking care of myself are important to me, that’s why I choose to use 7 Leaves Remedy Cream! It’s an all-natural cream with zero side effects which is super important because I use this 7 days a week!! Thank you!”

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