Frequently Asked Questions for Releaf Cosmetics

Q. What makes 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ the best cannabis topical pain cream on the market?

A.     It’s simple. 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ is a potent and effective cannabis skin cream that is soothing to the skin and absorbs quickly for maximum relief from discomfort. Unlike other brands, a little goes a long way. A little dab of 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ provides long lasting alleviation from minor to major discomfort from pain and irritation without the psychoactive side effects typically associated with other forms of medical cannabis. Best of all, it’s 100% legal, botanical and all natural.

Q. How does 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream work?

A.     7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ works quickly and effectively by applying liberally to the affected area twice daily. By infusing our skin cream with high quality CBD, and no detectable levels of THC, it relieves pain upon absorption into the skin, targeting the body’s CB2 receptors and sending a sense of relief to the pain receptors in the brain. We have received feedback from our customers who have used our product for relief from aches, pains, skin conditions, and discomfort associated with injuries, disease, and illness. They all say the same thing; there is no other product better than 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™.

Q. What do our customers like best?

A.      The feedback we have received suggests that our customers are grateful for the relief from their aches and pains associated with illness, disease, and injuries, as well as common skin conditions that cause irritation and discomfort. In particular, our customers like the fact that 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ provides fast, local, direct relief, without the “high;” allowing them to go through life pain free. Our product is ideal for the individual seeking pain relief without the negative effects from prescription drugs or the “high” from common forms of medical cannabis ingestion.

Q. Is 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream available in dispensaries?

A.      Absolutely! For a list of dispensaries call (800) 499-6320 or email us at If you are a dispensary interested in carrying our product please email us at or call (800) 499-6320 so we can help you plan your patient appreciation event. We would be more than happy to provide your patients with free samples and answer any and all questions they may have about our product and future products.

Q. Where can I buy 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream?

A.     Our product is making its way onto more shelves of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, spas, wellness centers, and medical marijuana dispensaries across the nation. To find the retail location closest to you, use our store locator or access via Weedmaps on your mobile device. You may also purchase our product on Facebook, or directly from our website, or through various online retailers. We also love speaking to our customers – please feel free to call us directly anytime.

Q. Can you ship across all 50 states?

A.     These products are legal in all 50 states. The hemp grown for extraction purposes is sanctioned under state and federal law as established under the provisions of Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (7 U.S.C 5940).

Q. What is the average shelf life of 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream?

A.     Our products are manufactured with all natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties as well as all natural preservatives that preserve the product for at least two years and up to three if kept refrigerated. Please note, you should store 7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™ in a cool, dry, dark place, free from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and out of the reach of children.

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